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Sheffield Tool joins hands with Shanghai Jiaotong University to help China Formula Student Competition

2021-07-30 15:51:49

      On August 6, Sheffield Tool signed a cooperation agreement with the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Jiaotong University), and would help the Shanghai Jiaotong University Racing Team compete in the 2016 China Formula Student Competition.

      The China Formula Student Car Race is sponsored by the China Society of Automotive Engineering. The first competition was held in 2010, and is held every year thereafter. It is hailed as the "cradle of China's automobile industry" in the industry. In the 2016 event, there will be more than 80 fuel-powered teams and more than 30 electric teams from more than 100 universities at home and abroad. As a leader in domestic new energy vehicle tools, Sheffield Tools has a complete product series, a high degree of specialization, and a strong ability to provide personalized solutions. In this cooperation, Sheffield Tools will provide all electric vehicle tools and some fuel vehicle tools for the Shanghai Jiaotong University Racing Team. The Shanghai Jiaotong University Racing Team will use the professional tools provided by Sheffield to process, manufacture, install, repair and maintain the racing car. During the entire cooperation process, Sheffield Tools will provide tool-related technical support to improve the performance of the racing car, providing guarantee for racing cars’ stable performance.

  In early November, the competition of electric motor car of the Chinese Formula Student Race will kick off in Shanghai. Sheffield Tools wishes Shanghai Jiao Tong University a racing car with excellent performance and good results. At the same time, Sheffield Tools expects to join forces with Shanghai Jiaotong University to consolidate its leading position in the new energy vehicle tool industry, and make users' operations more professional, more efficient and safer.

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