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Gantry car lift

4.0 tons of lifting power

The double cylinder is designed and manufactured strictly according to the American standard, use imported oil seal, each has passed the 25MPa test, and the quality is reliable

Four three-section arms are equipped, which can achieve symmetrical or asymmetrical lifting, suitable for various models

Plug-in rubber support pad with 38mm and 64mm lengthened sleeves, which can quickly adjust the minimum height

Lifting arm lock automatic release mechanism, high-strength gear ring, more stable and safer

Oil-containing anti-wear copper sleeve and slider hardly need any maintenance

Unilateral control safety mechanism,  more convenient and safer

¢8mm aviation grade steel core steel wire rope , safer and more reliable

Ultra-high automatic shutdown protection device, you don't have to worry about car roof

Gantry design, more convenient for ground operations

Anti-collision rubber pad on the door protects the door from damage

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